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Birthday: July 25, 1928
Birthplace: Tondo, Manila

Amid all kinds of challenges, a Filipino can still manage to smile. This is a quality well-represented by none other than Tito Dolphy. He has cured many Filipinos, across all generations, from loneliness-- from the stages of zarzuela, to the studios of Sampaguita and to the many films and TV shows that leave a mark on our hearts. He is a friend, a father, an overseas Filipino worker, an artist par excellence.Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr. grew up in very modest circumstances with his parents and nine siblings. At a young age, he learned the value of hard work and perseverance when he started earning by selling peanuts in movie houses in Tondo, Manila. Wishing to bring sustenance and a little comfort to his family, he took in several odd jobs at the same time, from shoe-shining to stevedoring and driving horse carriages. With an inherent love for theater and the arts, he spent his free time watching live performances of comedy duo Pugo and Togo, and dancers Benny Mack and Bayani Casimiro. At 16, he became a chorus dancer carrying the screen name Golay. Three years after, he was discovered by Fernando Poe, Sr. who introduced him to the movie industry where he became known as Rodolfo Quizon. In the 40s, Dolphy made his way into Philippine radio and started making a name for himself as a writer, director and producer. In 1954, Dolphy's wit and humor impressed actor Pancho Magalona who brought him to Sampaguita Pictures, opening bigger opportunities for the Comedy King. It was in this era when he played some of his most memorable roles, most of which were with comedian, Panchito. With his booming career in Philippine show business, Dolphy decided to establish his own film outfit, RVQ Productions, in 1965. And in the 70s, Dolphy became bigger as his own brand of comedy invaded television primetime, spreading joy and laughter in every Filipino household for more than three decades. In spite of his monumental success, Dolphy remained grounded, loving and supportive, not only to his family and friends, but also to his fans who remind him of his humble beginnings. Filipinos will remember Rodolfo Vera Quizon as a pure-hearted, warm and caring individual whose mere presence can lighten up a room with his contagious laughter and positivity.


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