Sam Concepcion

Sam Concepcion

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Birthday: October 17, 1992
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines

Sam Concepcion has been exposed to the world of music and theater since he was a young boy, thanks to his parents who were both theater actors. He has also demonstrated a knack for singing and dancing as early as two years old and was encouraged to join the the theater groups S.T.A.G.E.S and Trumpets Playshop early on so he could better hone his natural talents in performing. Thus, Sam proved ripe enough for the big stage when he joined and won as The Brightest Star for the Big Division in the singing competition Little Big Star. But while his musical talent became his passport into show business, Sam’s initial projects in ABS-CBN leaned more towards acting. He was given his first major role as the lead antagonist Boy Bawang in the fantasy series Super Inggo and starred opposite Empress Shuck in the youth-oriented drama anthology Your Song. He also joined the Gigger Boys as regular ASAP performers and as leads in the Boystown series of Your Song. It didn’t take long, however, before Sam’s talent in musical theater brought him back to the stage as Troy Bolton in the Philippine remake of Diney’s High School Musical and as the lead character in the first Asian staging of Peter Pan. He was also tapped to be the voice of Koyuki in Hero TV’s Japanese musical anime Beck and to sing the themesong of Dreamworks’ animated film Kung Fu Panda for its Asian sountrack album. Sam also topbilled the musical-comedy film tribute to the songs of Apo Hiking Society, I Do Bidoo Bidoo: Heto nApo Sila. Sam went back to television drama in 2014 with the fantasy series Mirabella.


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