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Cyril Lumboy

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Dolldelight fashion designer Cyril Lumboy is just the right mix of sugar and spice, as she dolls herself up in Japanese Lolita fashion, a Japanese fashion subculture that revolves around Victorian and Edwardian clothing, highlighting their sweet and doll-like aspects. Fil-Am Cyril Lumboy certainly has the look down pat, as she fashions “dolly outfits” that feature plenty of lace, ribbons, ruffles, and cute and feminine prints, with matching hair accessories to boot. Cyril Lumboy showcases her outfits through her brand, Dolldelight, where she designs and sews the outfits herself. She has also been invited to grace various Japanese pop culture conventions around the globe. On-screen, Cyril is calm and quiet, but she is certainly no push over. She’s a type A boss who’s a perfectionist through and through. She can spend hours poring over details to make sure that the Dolldelight look is nailed to perfection. Plus, she has savvy marketing skills to boot. Catch more of Cyril at Myx TV in “The Doll Life,” which features her Japanese Street Fashion House and Cyril herself, together with Paula, her manager, Steven, her assistant, and Stephanie, their head model. Join them as they hold auditions for new models to join the Dollhouse, only here at Myx TV.


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