Gus Abelgas

Gus Abelgas

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Birthday: October 22, 1962

When it comes to hard-hitting investigative journalism, there's no better man to deliver the news than "SOCO's” main man, Kapamilya Gus Abelgas. ABS-CBN's television program "SOCO (Scene of the Crime Operatives)" combines reality TV and investigative journalism, as it zeroes in on finding answers to heinous crimes and delving further into the cases through the help of the local police force, witness interviews and a thorough research and scrutiny led by Gus Abelgas. Tough and unrelenting, “SOCO’s” host does not stop until he gets at the bottom of things, tying all the pieces together until the case is finally laid to rest. While Gus Abelgas is known for his work on “SOCO,” he has been in broadcast journalism for close to three decades. He started his career with the Kapamilya network as early as 1987, as a member of the ABS-CBN news team before moving forward with investigative journalism as his niche. He has covered many dangerous reports way before “SOCO,” such as standing at the crossfires of war to natural disasters. When asked about his memorable news coverage, Gus Abelgas recalls delivering an explosive report on the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption, scrambling to get a good view of the volcano despite the impending danger and zero communication. Now, this fearless Kapamilya remains true to his advocacy of helping victims find justice, through his highly-rated program, “SOCO.”


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