Marc Logan

Marc Logan

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Birthday: 1971
Birthplace: Manila

Certified Kapamilya Marc Logan’s humorous brand of reporting is certainly unlike any other. His trademark news delivery is always peppered with light-hearted comedy, bringing a smile to Kapamilyas all over the nation. Interestingly, Marc Logan himself did not expect that he will make his mark on television with his unique manner of reporting. He started his career in broadcast journalism at the Kapamilya network, helping out at the ABS-CBN news desk back in the late 1990s. He made his on-camera debut when his colleague was absent, and he was forced to take on the role of field reporter alternate. For his first assignment, Marc Logan was tasked to cover a story about a man who was attempting to take his own life. Marc saw a light angle as a hook in which his story would revolve around on, and he delivered the story accordingly. His superiors enjoyed what he did, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Marc Logan was given regular assignments as segment reporter for “TV Patrol.” He then moved on as host for his very own show entitled, “VidJoking” in 2005, where he featured funny videos coupled with his humorous reporting. At present, Kapamilya viewers anticipate his weekly show, "Mga Kuwento ni Marc Logan," which airs every Saturday on ABS-CBN.


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