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With so many dizzying developments happening in science and technology, it's easy to lose track of what's hot and what's not. Let tech guru Tony Velasquez update you with the latest movers and shakers in the technology industry, with ANC's technology-oriented show, "Future Perfect." Watch veteran broadcast journalist Tony Velasquez as he gives you the latest tech-driven news, as well as insights on how these developments could make an impact on our markets, and consequently, our daily lives. Be informed with the latest news developments that seen from the perspective of technology analyst Tony Velasquez, as he gives insights on how current affairs blend into the world of science and technology. Can't decide which gadget to buy? Let "Future Perfect" be your guide. Look toward the future as Tony Velasquez test drives exciting devices, and be guided into making sound purchasing choices as he breaks down the nitty-gritty features of the latest gadgets. Need a quick and easy session on the Raspberry Pi, dash cams, solar power, phablets, and everything in between? Tony Velasquez has you covered. Be informed on the state of Filipino science and technology industry as well as the latest tech happenings around the globe. Catch “Future Perfect” with Tony Velasquez every week, and stay on top of tech trends.


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