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Danny Buenafe

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For Kapamilya news legend Danny Buenafe, Philippine journalism shouldn't just be confined to local news alone. While it's important that Filipino communities all over the globe are updated with relevant stories from local shores, it is equally significant that Philippine news also put the spotlight on stories of our Kapamilyas abroad. That's why it doesn't come as a surprise that Danny Buenafe himself is one of the brains behind "Balitang Global," a local news program that caters to the needs of Kapamilyas living in the Middle East and in Europe. Danny Buenafe began his long and fruitful relationship with ABS-CBN as early as the 1990s, covering groundbreaking stories such as Imelda Marcos's trial in New York and the Baguio earthquake that shook the entire country--both in the same year. Soon, Danny found himself focusing on stories about the Filipino diaspora, as Pinoy society began to expand into communities abroad. He found a kindred spirit in ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel (TFC), which established the first foreign news bureau abroad. Soon, the current affairs show, “Balitang Global” was born, and Danny Buenafe found himself heading The Filipino Channel’s news division abroad, playing a dual role as head of both the Middle East and Europe News Bureaus of ABS-CBN Global.


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